Monday, January 20, 2014

No Place Like Home

After nine very long days in the hospital, it was TIME TO GO HOME! Paige battled some severe spinal headaches the last couple of days there (gotta love lumbar punctures).  However, she ended up well enough to head home thanks to a combination of caffeinated drinks, lots of IV fluids, and a pint of ice cream courtesy of her doctor. :)  

We packed up the car with waaay more than we took up there--goodie baskets, blankets, and stuffed animals would accompany us on the trip.  Though Mom and Dad were ready to roll, Paige asked us to make a stop for lunch on the way.  Brown Bag Deli--How could we say no?  She chowed down on her first outside-the-hospital meal in over a week and was out like a light the rest of the way home.   

Balloons and a banner adorned the house when we arrived home--thanks to a fabulous friend of mine and former teacher of Paige's.  Forget the fact she had just had a baby--she wanted to welcome Paige home in style.  How great are our friends?!?

Not only was it a homecoming celebration for Paige, it also reunited our family of four.  Younger brother Jeremy had been very well cared for (read - SPOILED) while staying with Grandma, but…prayer time and being able t0 tuck both kiddos in that night left this mom insanely, INCREDIBLY happy. God is good!

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places…in undisturbed places of rest.  Isaiah 32:18

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