Wednesday, January 22, 2014

God Takes Care of His Kids

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19

I usually end each post with scripture, but it seemed to go better on the front end this time around.  God takes care of His kids.  Period.  He is the ultimate parent, the "Abba Father."  The further in we get on this journey, the more I experience His amazing grace.

I've spoken several times about the true peace I have with Paige's diagnosis, prognosis, and the magnificent testimony that is to come.  A longtime friend recently commented that I seem calmer now than she's ever seen me--EVER.  If you were around me much before this, you'd know that speaks volumes!  I found a quote by an unknown author that I thought was pretty fitting: Calmness is the way we show that we are trusting in God.  No further explanation needed!

Hospital stays.  Medications.  X-rays.  Scans.  Biopsies.  Chemotherapy treatments.  Radiation.  The list goes on…and on…and on.  And this is just the beginning--it could easily overwhelm someone lacking in the peace and hope that comes from a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  I will not be shaken; my faith will not falter.  God will take care of MY kid--because she is one of HIS kids.


Our family continues to be astounded at the outpouring of PRAYER, support, and encouragement as we set out on this journey to help our daughter battle leukemia.  Friends near and far have inquired about sending cards, words of encouragement, gift cards, etc.  Didn't I just say that God takes care of His kids?!? :)  We wanted to share  the following information:
  1. To manage donations, we now have an account set up at Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union.  It is called the Paige Lejeune Benefit Fund.  This credit union is part of the Shared Branching Network, meaning that donations to the fund can be made at participating credit unions around the country.
  2. My uncle set up a P.O. Box where people can send cards, words of encouragement, gift cards for iTunes/grocery store/gas, etc.  The envelope itself has to be addressed to him--as he's the "keeper of the box," and Paige can't go up there with an ID to get the mail--but everything is going to my girl.  Send to: Craig Yates   P.O. Box 131783   Houston, TX  77219

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