Thursday, January 23, 2014

Angels All Around

He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.  Psalm 91:11

God just keeps blessing this family beyond our wildest dreams.  Every day we experience more and more of His grace--and we don't even have to seek it out.  It's right here--behind, beside, and ahead of us.  Grace is all around: a gift we didn't deserve, yet given to us out of love.

This evening, grace came in the form of some real-life angels.

I've mentioned before that running is my thing.  My husband is a bowler--it's his thing.  When the local bowling community heard about Paige's diagnosis, they immediately began fundraising efforts.  Bracelet sales and ticket drawings have been quite successful.  Tonight, we received word that a bowling ball raffle brought in over $700 to help Paige in her fight against leukemia!  Lots of angels at work here, but two get special mention:
  • Rather than keep it for himself, a friend had donated a brand new ball for this event. 
  • Another friend did a great job of promoting this raffle--so great that it generated more money than expected! 

Tonight's other brush with grace came by way of our school community, whose members have wrapped their collective arms around our family.  T-shirt sales and a 5K run are in the works, and these are activities initiated by Paige's classmates!  In this instance, we were nominated--by a teacher from a neighboring school--for a grant from a local foundation whose mission is to help families affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.
Board members of this foundation visited us this evening bearing two gifts:
  • A locket with angel wings - given to Paige by a member's daughter
  • A check for $1500 to assist us with mounting medical expenses
Talk about a jaw-dropping moment!  We are so thankful to have been selected for this honor and are truly humbled by the support of an entire community.  This gift will help Paige's fight against leukemia and add another experience to this amazing story!

Every day of this journey we feel God's grace in the form of peace and strength.  In one incredible evening, God sent grace in the form of angels bearing remarkable gifts.  We are grateful, thankful, and INSANELY BLESSED!!

Though the road ahead is a long one, we are excited about the day we will be given a chance to pay it forward and bless others as they have blessed us.  In the meantime, please continue to pray for our daughter's healing.  Prayer works, my friends!


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