Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Something Special

Last night, I sat with Paige's head resting on my lap, gently stroking what is left of her hair.  Strands come out with the slightest touch now.  As I looked down at her, my hand resting on a patch of peach fuzz-like scalp, I was sent back in time.  It was early 2001, and I was rocking a six-month-old Paige who had some of the same peach fuzz for hair.  I had a few standby songs for her bedtime, but my favorite one--then and now--is "You're Something Special" by The Bill Gaither Trio.  Yes, I've referenced another Gaither song before--must be a brought-up-Southern-Baptist kinda thing. :)

Verse 1
"When Jesus sent you to us, we loved you from the start.
You were just a bit of sunshine from heaven to our hearts.
Not just another baby, for since the world began,
There's been something very special for you in His plan.

That's why He made you special.
You're the only one of your kind.
God gave you a body and a bright, healthy mind.
He had a special purpose that He wanted you to find,
So He made you something special.
You're the only one of your kind."

Those words were full of hope and promise as I rocked that little girl to sleep.  You know what?  They evoke the same feelings today as I stroke my daughter's head, hoping to bring comfort to her on good and not-so-good days.  God has a special purpose for Paige and a plan for our family that will bring Him glory.  He keeps His promises.

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever...   Psalm 138:8

**Click here for the song--an oldie but goodie. :) **

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