Monday, March 10, 2014

Hurdles on Our Path

We're now two months in.  We've experienced good and not-so-good.  The last few days have definitely fallen under the 'not-so-good' column as we've encountered some hurdles on our path.  In a double whammy of sorts, Paige has had to deal with her hair making a rapid exit from her head and an increase in nausea that left her unable to keep food down.

I've written many times about how tough this girl is--and this was no exception.  She only admitted today--under my interrogation--that her anti-nausea meds weren't keeping the 'icky' feelings under control.  That provided a great opportunity for me to remind her she doesn't have to be tough all the time.  A simple call to the doctor provided another medication to add to the mix.  Just a few hours later, Paige was actually asking for food--which she hadn't done in a few days.

It's looking like her hair will be all but gone in just a few days, as more and more of Paige's scalp is making itself known.  She's been struggling with it, albeit quietly--I'd noticed she was avoiding mirrors and watching the eyes of family members as they spoke with her.  This evening, however, I noticed a bit of a change.  She started talking about it more, even guiding my hand to places of 'fuzz' on her head as she moved her pillow and placed her head on my lap.

As I stroked her head, I talked to her about these days being hurdles we will get over together.  That God is still right here with us.  That He is holding her in His mighty hand.  That He will get her through the good and not-so-good.  It's the hurdles--those challenges God helps us overcome--that make victories that much sweeter.

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