Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspiration through Affliction

When cancer hit our family, Romans 12:12 became very real words to live by.  We are joyful in the hope given in Paige's prognosis.  We must be patient as her body tires and weakens from various procedures and treatments meant to heal her affliction--because we know she will be healed. We are faithful in prayer, not only with our requests, but also with our praises for what God is doing in our lives.  Like I said--words to live by!

As we continue on the path to Paige's recovery, we become increasingly aware that this affliction is not an anchor to weigh us down, but a source of inspiration in our family--and beyond!  Below, Boyce and I share just some of the ways we're finding Inspiration through Affliction.


Boyce:  Inspiration comes from so many things.  Never would I have thought it would come in the form of cancer.

Paige has had a certain 'viral' effect on so many people.  I'm truly inspired by what has happened--especially at her school.  Students rallied from the start: wearing green in support of her, organizing a blood drive, designing and selling t-shirts.  Now they're organizing a 5K in her honor--it's simply amazing!

She has had a sort of calming effect on my bowling as well.  Keeping in mind what she is going through helps keep me from getting too frustrated.  Recently I bowled my highest series ever--297, 267, 246--an 811.  It awards me with a commemorative 800 ring--I've decided to order it in a ladies' style I'll give to Paige.  She was with me during that set, and giving her this ring gives me a chance to be with her throughout her life.  I hope I can inspire her like she does me.


Amy:  I consider myself blessed to be home with Paige during the first leg of our journey.  We grow closer and our relationship grows stronger every single day.  Her strength and determination inspire me just about every minute of the day.

These days, Paige gets worn out doing homework or taking a quick trip in the car--yet she doesn't complain.  She does what is asked of her and keeps on going, trying to do normal, everyday things we take for granted.  I'll be honest--it can be tiring being mom, nurse, cook (steroids make this girl HUNGRY!!), cheerleader, drill sergeant, and a host of other jobs I can't begin to list.  However, considering the battle my daughter is facing, there's no comparison.  I may tire, but her strength keeps me going.  Talk about inspiration!
Paige has been an absolute rock adjusting to her 'new normal.'  She faces treatments and procedures head-on and is nothing but cooperative with her doctors' requests.  I see in her a quiet determination to tackle these obstacles on the path to recovery.  Paige battles feelings of nausea and general ickiness without complaining.  She has begun to experience thinning hair and has even informed me--more than once--that the 'losing hair thing' is okay, that it will grow back, and that she'll probably just 'do the bald thing.'  This 13-year-old girl's acceptance of her illness and accompanying side effects inspires me to no end!


Impressive.  Incredible.  Inspirational.  These words don't begin to describe Paige's attitude, strength, and determination.  God is so much bigger than this affliction, and He is using our daughter to tell it to the world!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

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