Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting Very Real

"Your daughter has leukemia."  It has now been one month since those words changed our lives forever.  In an instant, our plans were scrapped--and it was time to take a closer look at the course God was laying out before us.  In this short time (that has seemed like a lifetime), we have experienced His abundant grace.  Grace that guides and protects us every day.  Grace that gives us strength to handle things that seem too difficult to bear.  As we finish induction and prepare for the next phase of treatment, things have gotten very real, very quickly.  Time for that strength to kick in to overdrive.

Reality Check #1: Tiring from multiple chemotherapy treatments and other procedures, Paige's body has become quite a bit weaker.  Yesterday while simply standing at the kitchen counter, her knees buckled, taking her to the floor.  She must have hit the tile harder than we all realized--as one knee caused her a fair amount of pain last night and all day today.  After exhausting every "fix it" method I could think of, it was time to get in touch with the on-call doctor.  End result: we now have some stronger meds that will help ease the pain and allow Paige to rest until we see her doctors tomorrow.

Reality Check #2: Paige's long, beautiful hair is thinning more and more every day.  In fact, the last couple of days it seems to be coming out nonstop.  She and I have joked that I should follow her around with a vacuum cleaner.  At first glance, it may not be extremely noticeable, as that girl has always had a mess of hair.  However, a closer look finds more scalp showing--and stroking her hair (as we all do when our kiddos are hurting) just helps more strands work their way out.

Attitude Check:  A tired, aching body and imminent hair loss have not deterred this unstoppable young lady.  Paige continues to have a great attitude, refusing to let me trim her hair in an attempt to make it easier on her.  She insists on keeping it as long as she can, saying this is "just life right now."  She has made it a point to pray each night for "strength and determination to keep fighting."  Pretty grown-up prayer for a 13-year-old girl, wouldn't you say?

God guides and protects us.  He gives us strength in difficult times.  A friend reminded me today that God knows every hair on Paige's head--and when each one of them will return.  God will be faithful as we travel this road and live out the plan He has for Paige's life--and that of our entire family.  It is sure to be nothing short of amazing!

Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.  Luke 12:7 

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