Monday, June 30, 2014

Strong in Faith & Hope

We are now on Day 5 of the Delayed Intensification phase of treatment, referred to as DI from here on out.  Paige and I are hanging out at clinic today, waiting on chemo that will have us here for a few hours.  She is getting some much-needed rest, which gives me time to share a few thoughts.

Last week (Day 1), Paige received a spinal tap with chemo--her first since May's scary reaction--as well as two other chemo drugs.  Understandably, her nerves were quite rattled that morning, but she made it through her treatments like a trooper.  It didn't hurt that she slept through much of it. :)  She also began a 7-day round of steroid therapy that day.  According to Paige's doctors, the anti-inflammatory properties of the steroid combined with the rescue-type medications we administered on Saturday should ward off any possible issues with the spinal tap.  Of course, we continue to lift her in prayer, certain that God is protecting her as He restores her health.

The strength and courage God gives this girl never ceases to amaze me.  Over the last five days, her body has taken on more than it has had to in several weeks.  She's tired--tired of the meds, tired of feeling yucky--yet she knows it's all part of getting healthy.  Knowing the impending effects of the intense chemo she will receive over the next several weeks, Paige even puts up with me going back to 'heightened alert' status.

Checking her cheeks to make sure they're not warm.  Hovering a little more than I should.  As her mother, it's tough seeing her go through this.  Indescribably tough.  Please understand--my faith is not shaken.  Not one bit.  God has placed Paige in the care of the best doctors and nurses around.  He is guiding their hands and hearts, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my daughter will be healed.  In His time, our family will be able to achieve a 'new normal'--one of recovery and thankfulness like we have never known.

Yes, we are so ready for the next 'new normal.'  Paige will be even stronger--which is hard to imagine.  Our family will emerge from this stronger and more united than ever before.  The testimonies developed along this journey will no doubt give God all the glory for the victory that is to come.

For the Lord your God is He who goes with give you the victory.   Deuteronomy 20:4

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