Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Dad's Devotion

Father's Day.  A time to celebrate all the dedicated dads out there.  Today I focus on one in particular, my incredible husband, Boyce.  Over the years, he has accumulated several cleverly crafted creations declaring love and affection for him.  Handprints of various sizes.  Pinterest-inspired photos.  Handmade cards with words from the heart.  And now--a blog post just for him. :)

We were just a couple years into our marriage when God blessed us with Paige.  Three years later, Jeremy came along.  It's all been trial-by-fire, on-the job training--yet from the very beginning of this adventure known as parenthood, Boyce has been here.  Here for preschool programs, school functions, and church activities.  Here for birthday parties and broken legs.  Here for everything.

This year that dedication and devotion reached a new level with Paige's leukemia diagnosis.  Boyce does everything in his power to schedule days off so they coincide with her clinic and chemo appointments.  He worked the closing shift almost every Saturday so Jeremy could finish his youth bowling league.  He even seeks out activities Paige is comfortable doing, activities we can enjoy as a family of four.

DaD.  Dedication and Devotion.  Dedication to provide for our family in any way he can.  Devotion to the life we have made together.  Paige, Jeremy, and I love and appreciate him more than we could ever fully say.  It's not tough to figure out what he wants for Father's Day this year--and every year, for that matter.  It's time.  Time with Paige.  Time with Jeremy.  Time to spend together as a family.   I think I can safely speak for the kiddos when I say that we are beyond grateful for this father and husband who loves God and our family with all his heart.

The righteous who walks in his integrity--blessed are his children after him!   Proverbs 20:7

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