Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Phase Four - Forging Ahead

It's been a really good month for Paige.  The necessary adjustment in her treatment plan turned out to be a good thing.  Her body tolerated the medications, and she had sufficient time to rest and recover in between treatments.  Paige had time to be a kid and even rediscovered her sassy side.  Had a friend over for a couple of days.  Took in a movie.  Fished with the family.  Even tested the waters in her grandma's pool for a light swim.  This time gave her (and the rest of our family) a glimpse at great times to come.  But first...

Tomorrow begins the next phase in Paige's treatment - Delayed Intensification.  As the name suggests, it's a time of intense chemo that is similar to her earlier treatments.  She will receive multiple chemo medications each week.  These are expected to hit her hemoglobin and platelet counts, thereby bringing transfusions back into the mix.  We are praying that Paige's body will continue to tolerate the medications with no major effects or reactions as we move ahead.

Paige will also receive her first spinal tap with chemo since the reaction in May.  As a precautionary measure, her doctors are having us administer a few doses of the rescue-type medication they used last month.  Understandably, this is causing the most fear and anxiety--for Paige and for us.  I have been in constant prayer asking God to replace these feelings with peace and the calm assurance that He is in control of every bit of this.  He has Paige in His hands, and He is restoring her health every single day.

Paige's creation from a
recent evening out with friends
I am thankful God continues to equip Paige with such incredible strength and courage.  She really does display it on a daily basis.  I thank God for putting her in the care of skilled doctors and nurses whose hands and hearts are guided by Him on this journey.  I am in awe at the testimony He is giving Paige--and our whole family, for that matter.  God is so very good.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.   Philippians 4:13

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  1. I am cheering for you guys! What a scary journey, but worth it when you are well again.