Thursday, July 10, 2014

Month Six - Celebration Time!

July 10th.  Today marks six months since Paige's leukemia diagnosis.  Six months since our lives were forever changed.  Six months since our family learned what it means to fully stand on faith and put our complete trust in God.  This is a day of celebrating!

Yes, Paige is still receiving chemotherapy treatments--and will be for a while--but the healing we have seen since that day in January is worthy of praise.  
* A mass 16 centimeters in size--GONE.
* Cancer cells in her bone marrow--GONE.
* Spinal fluid free and clear of cancer cells.
* Count recovery via transfusions as needed.
* Rebound and recovery from a serious reaction.
* Time to rest and recover in between treatments.

As if that's not enough, there is still healing to come as God delivers her safely through to the maintenance phase in a few short months.  Once that milestone is achieved, Paige will have about a year-and-a-half left in her treatment.  This will consist mostly of oral meds that won't be so rough on her immune system, thus allowing a return to school--and a new beginning for our family.  

You see, Paige isn't the only one being given an amazing testimony.  Our whole family is, and it's pretty incredible to have the opportunity to share our stories whenever we can.  I have said it over and over--this girl is the epitome of strength and courage, and I admire her in ways I can never fully put into words.  I asked a few family members to share some thoughts about this whole journey.  It turns out we all feel the same way:

"It has been said that character isn't built in adversity, it's revealed, and I have seen this lived out in these last 6 months.  I always knew Paige was an exceptional girl, but I wasn't aware of just how exceptional until she was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her strength and her faith in the face of what she deals with on a daily basis is amazing and inspiring.  She is my hero." - Craig, Paige's Great Uncle


"Paige is my hero!  I said it from the first day that I saw her hooked up to all of the machines in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in TX Children's Hospital--just after her initial diagnosis--and I'll continue to say it for the rest of my life.  There is no way that a grandmother ever prepares for the news that her granddaughter has cancer, and living with that day-by-day remains a challenge, but nothing like what Paige, Amy, Boyce, and Jeremy live with every day.  To say that I am so proud of all of them barely scratches the surface.  Their unwavering faith and trust in God inspire me to my core. That's the ONLY WAY that we will all survive this--and we will!" - Elaine, Paige's 'Gramoo'


"Six months already.  In my 41 years on earth I can truly say that this has been the weirdest, longest, sleep-deprived, soul-searching, patience-testing six months ever.  Our family has forever been changed, but in a positive way.  We have learned so much about each other and know that in the toughest of times, we are there through thick and thin together--the four of us as one.  Paige, we love you so much and thank you for being the strong young lady that you are." - Boyce, Paige's Dad


God is not finished with this story--not by a long shot.  It just seemed like a great day to celebrate the amazing things He is doing in our lives!

...See this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes.  1 Samuel 12:16

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