Friday, April 3, 2015

Show & Tell, Part Two

One more quick share...a short, insightful piece authored by my girl for a school writing assignment.  I love reading her work.

     Cancer. It can change everything in a heartbeat. One minute your biggest worry is what color to paint your nails, and the next you are dealing with side effects from an intense round of chemo. A cancer diagnosis can affect the body both physically and mentally in ways you would never imagine.
     On the physical side, treatment can damage your bones. Steroids are commonly used in the process, and though they help fight the disease, they also cause bones to become weaker and narrower. The many toxins in chemotherapy can make you nauseous and even violently ill. On the bright side, after all the suffering endured during treatment, strength finally builds back up. The whole process is like a cycle, "The Cancer Cycle."
     Mentally, chemo makes your brain slower, a phenomenon commonly known as "chemo brain." Furthermore, there is always going to be that one part of you that thinks, "What happens if I relapse?" The feeling of this question is pushed aside when you realize what's truly important. I, for one, learned to put everything into God's gracious hands.
     Bad things will happen in life, but that doesn't mean they have to defeat you. A life changing event like a cancer diagnosis is not the end. Though it affects your body both physically and mentally, the lessons you learn are priceless.

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